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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

With a cup of herbal tea in hand I sit and ponder my path for the day.  My weekend has been spent working on my 1912 Princess Slip pattern for the VPLL Project as well as adjusting a corset pattern by Festive Attyre.  Being as I am not the diminutive type that these patterns were made for I have had to adjust them for my 5’ 10” frame and build.  Teeny, tiny, I am not!

So…what is in store for today and the remainder of my week?


The Voice of Fashion I am anxiously awaiting the Frances Grimble book The Voice of Fashion which I won in a Give-Away on Gwen’s blog After the Dress.  I just purchased Frances Grimble’s book The Edwardian Modiste several weeks ago and fell in love with all the fashions and patterns in that book.  As a winner in Gwen’s give-away you were given a choice of one of four of Frances Grimble’s books and in choosing one I decided on the book directly preceding the Edwardian Modiste which includes the Gibson Girl Era of fashion.  How wonderful it is going to be to have this reference in my library!  The other portion of the give-away included a membership to the VPLL(Vintage Pattern Lending Library) which is associated with the 1912 Sewing Project.  I am just aching to get my hands on some of their patterns.  I’d like to offer Gwen of After the Dress a heart-felt thank you for offering such a wonderful give-away.

Well…enough Monday morning musings…onto cutting a mock-up for my Princess Slip and corset and a little bit of sewing.

Happy Sewing….

Mimi O_2

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