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Friday, May 18, 2012

Pattern Drafting the Princess Slip and 1910’s Corset

Princess slip pattern drafting. To save myself time and fabric I have only drafted the top portion of the pattern to test for fit. Just a quick post today.  This past weekends hard work in pattern drafting yielded me a pattern for both my Princess Slip for the 1912 Sewing Project along with a corset pattern for a 1910’s corset based on a pattern which can be downloaded from Festive Attyre’s website.  Pattern drafting for my 1910's corset. The pattern for this corset can be downloaded from Festive Attyre's website.

As to what alterations I made to the patterns, I will give more detail in a later post.  Up next will be the cutting and sewing of my mock-ups.  It is my goal to get this done during the week so that I may begin to cut and sew the actual projects over the weekend.

Happy Sewing….

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