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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mail Call…Part Duex

Oh my goodness…ask and you shall receive. In today’s mail is the elusive Vogue pattern #8369. WOW...the lady at Pattern Mania is fast and the item was so nicely package in a cellophane sleeve and shipping envelope. The UPS man was here as well with my Boucle fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. I am thrilled to death for now I have some of the components and can now start making the jacket. At the very least get a start on adjusting the pattern and cutting and sewing a muslin mock-up. There are still a few other items I require like the lining and some good sewing thread but that is for another day.
TTFN... Happy Sewing !!!

Mail Call…via Santa Claus aka DD

In my ongoing lust for a Chanel jacket I am slowly acquiring the resources and references that one needs to construct a jacket of this nature. As in my previous post Mail Call...Another Sewing Goodie I have already acquired "Great Sewn Clothes" from Threads Magazine in which there is a small section on the construction process. My latest acquisition, via Santa Claus aka my daughter, is "Couture Sewing Techniques" by Claire B. Shaeffer. This is truly a fabulous and informative book and one of my favorite gifts to have received for Christmas.

Now I am waiting for that elusive Vogue pattern 8369. The Vogue website still offers this out-of-print pattern but not in the size I need and at a price that is reasonable. While clicking around the other night I was lucky enough to come across a shop on Etsy called Pattern Mania and low and behold she had one pattern and in my size and at a great price! So I am anxiously waiting for this pattern to make an appearance for then I can begin my jacket and participate in the Go Chanel or Go Home blog.

Happy Sewing!!!

Wandering Aimlessly....

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year has begun. Where have I been? Being as I haven’t posted in over a month, you could say I’ve been wandering aimlessly in the wilderness of what I call my life. Which…isn’t a bad thing.

As always Christmas brings with it the hopelessness of frantically trying to complete each and every project that was planned for presents. This year was no exception with my working right up to two days before Christmas. YIKES. I tell myself each year that I am not going to do this to myself…and each year; the inevitable scrambling to get it all done.

Note to myself: Do not make any more resolutions to get presents done in a timely fashion…it just isn’t happening so why stress yourself out trying to make it happen.

I am satisfied with what I did accomplish and will start posting the projects that were completed after that last DD Christmas Quickie.

As to my lack of posting…I haven’t made anything so why post! I guess that is a good enough excuse. Yes…yes…that has to be it.

Seriously, I just haven’t had the time and kind of stepped off the sewing machine carousel for a month, plus the fact I had to tear down the room for my daughter visiting over the holidays and just the thought of dragging everything back out and resetting the room up was enough to stop me in my tracks. I finally mustered up enough ambition to bring the table and machines back upstairs this past weekend so there is some progress! Maybe I should blame my lack of enthusiasm on the winter and this crappy weather we have been having. Sounds like a plan…

Any whooo….I am anxiously awaiting some boucle fabric I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics along with an out-of-print pattern from Pattern Mania on Etsy. Maybe once those items get here the creative juices will begin to flow anew. In the mean time I think I will just sit here on the couch, watching the birds, squirrels, turkeys and deer and ponder the meaning of life. Mmmm...that isn't working for me...I think I will go sew.

Happy Sewing!!!
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