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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mail Call…via Santa Claus aka DD

In my ongoing lust for a Chanel jacket I am slowly acquiring the resources and references that one needs to construct a jacket of this nature. As in my previous post Mail Call...Another Sewing Goodie I have already acquired "Great Sewn Clothes" from Threads Magazine in which there is a small section on the construction process. My latest acquisition, via Santa Claus aka my daughter, is "Couture Sewing Techniques" by Claire B. Shaeffer. This is truly a fabulous and informative book and one of my favorite gifts to have received for Christmas.

Now I am waiting for that elusive Vogue pattern 8369. The Vogue website still offers this out-of-print pattern but not in the size I need and at a price that is reasonable. While clicking around the other night I was lucky enough to come across a shop on Etsy called Pattern Mania and low and behold she had one pattern and in my size and at a great price! So I am anxiously waiting for this pattern to make an appearance for then I can begin my jacket and participate in the Go Chanel or Go Home blog.

Happy Sewing!!!


  1. Couture Sewing is packed of informative stuff about Chanel garmats constructions. I enjoy this book so much. I am sure you'll find every thing you need for your jacket.
    Mine is going very slowly too. Hopefully, I will wear over and over

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