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Friday, December 11, 2009

DD Gets Another Early Gift…

I am on a roll here!!!  With notification from my daughter that she was going to make a quick visit home for the day I quickly made up some pillows for her living room from the left over fabric from the snowman wreath I had made earlier.

A few weeks prior to this visit I was perusing the aisles in the Christmas Tree Shop when I came across some bolster pillows that had been marked down from $ 5.99 to $ 2.99. They weren’t exactly in a color I liked but figured…what the heck…you can’t buy the pillow form for that price!!! So I purchased them in the hopes of covering them.

Well…as luck would have it…the left over fabric from the wreath project was perfect to cover these pillows and the project took no time at all to complete. Following is the process I used to make the pillows:
  • measure the circumference of the pillow and added 1 ¼” for 5/8ths inch seams
    (mine were 6” + 1 ¼”, I cut two circles at 7 ¼”)
  • Measure the width of the pillow and add 1 ¼” for 5/8ths inch seams
  • Measure around the pillow and add 1 ¼” for 5/8ths inch seams
  • Cut a rectangle from these measurements.
  • To be able to remove these covers to wash I added a zipper
  • First I serged all fabric pieces before constructing the pillow cover. I did not trim off any fabric just skimmed the edges while serging
  • Taking your rectangle of fabric stitch the width ends together, starting with regular stitching and then basting where your zipper is going to be then back to regular stitching. Remember to back tack at the start and end of your basting. You now have a tube.
  • Press seam open and install zipper as usual and remove your basting stitches
  • You will need to place quarter marks on your circle. Fold your circles in half, mark on wrong side at seam line, fold again and mark
  •  Do the same for your sewn tube, these will give you reference points to match up your tube and circles evenly.
  • I stitched piping that I made from cording and 2” bias cut strips to the circle pieces and then pinned and sewed the circles to the tube.
Viola…two flannel covered bolster pillows to go and one very happy daughter!

Happy Sewing…

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