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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Resolutions Revisited….

Snow Day in the Northeast! Well…I did it!!!  It has only taken me a year and two months to finish blogging about my Lady Grey jacket and the sew-along that took place on Gertie’s blog back in August/September of 2010.  Whoooo Hooooo….Yippy-Ki-Yay!!!  As it was I didn’t start the sew-along until October of that year so I was behind from the get go but I am not going to use that as an excuse for my lackadaisical attitude in regards to blogging about it.   For the record I did complete my jacket right before Christmas but once the holiday's hit I was caught up in the fervor of the moment or should that be plural, “moments” considering how long I have been away.  You could say I took a “mental health day” that lasted a whole year.  C'est la vie

The sense of accomplishment is incredible.  I am flying on the wings of elation with the anticipati0n of completing all my resolutions before 2012 is through.  Note the sarcasm in my voice!  Imagine that….REALLY…if that happened it would be one of those “aha moments” but before I get ahead of myself I should get my feet back on the ground and put the proverbial nose to the grind stone.   Those darn UFO knitting projects will be the death of me.  I have some sort of “block” or maybe it’s a boulder, in getting the ambition up to see these projects through.   With one resolution down and two more to go one could say “not bad…slow and steady wins the race”.  Seriously…I have been a wee bit on the slow side in my artistic pursuits  but I will keep on course and complete them before the year is out!  Wish me luck and until then…

Happy Sewing…

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