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Friday, March 2, 2012

Lady Grey: Final Construction Part 2

Wow…this has been a tremendous project to work on and it is hard to believe that it is finally winding down to where the jacket will be getting unveiled. 

Removing basting in back, lining placket. Basting removed.

Prior to stitching the jacket hem and lining together the basting stitches for the back lining placket needed to be removed.  The jacket hem was turned up and eased in then catch-stitched down.  I didn’t want my lining hanging loosely so I chose to stitch it directly to the jacket hem…darn…no one will every know that the jacket was under-lined with those cute little flannel circles!  Once the hem and lower jacket lining were in place the lining was also attached to the inner sleeve hem.

Catching lining to hem.

The jacket was placed on Myrna where I then hand basted diagonal stitches along the front of the jacket, lapels and upper collar.  This allowed me to steam press the jacket slightly and kept all the layers together prior to top-stitching.

Diagonal basting along lapel.  Diagonal basting through all layers on the front, lapels and upper collar.  Showing back upper collar basting.

I used the seam guide to assist me in having even top-stitching all the way around the coat.    Once complete the hand basting was removed and I steam pressed the jacket again.


Continuing onward with sewing that lovely button that I had picked out from my Great-Grandmother Netties’ button tin.  I used a toothpick to keep my button raised away from the coat while also stitching through a second button underneath to help prevent the lining from getting damaged due to the stress of buttoning and unbuttoning the coat.

Great-Grandma Netties' Button.  Button is sewn in on the underside while button sewn to the front.

An additional snap closure was sewn on as well. Update 3/6/12: I found this “sewing tidbit” on Threads this morning and thought it might be of interest to you.  I will now use this technique in the future when sewing on snaps and hooks.

Additional snap closure sewn in.   

….next post….the finished product!!!

Happy Sewing…

Mimi O_2


  1. Congratulations It rely looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all the constructions steps I know how time consuming it is but very much appreciated.

  2. Thanks...I did love working on this project and was very pleased with how it turned out.


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