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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lady Grey: Hooray the Finished Jacket

Lady Grey Finished....Yes!!!Well here she is…my version of the Lady Grey using Butterick B5401.  I wish my picture had turned out better…a photographer I am not!  Trying to take the picture, see how it turned out and retake it aren’t the easiest things to do with the sun in your eyes and the weather being a wee bit brisk.  On top of that, the photographer forgot to tell me to smile. ;-) All in all I do love how this jacket fits me and what a difference the tailoring made in the looks and drape of the coat.  I will most definitely take on another tailored jacket project in the future.  Below are some views of the finished jacket hanging out on Myrna.

Finished back view. Finished front view. Finished side view.

And of course, according to Gertie, we had to offer you an accessorized version as well.  Every Lady Grey needs to be adorned;  mine is with a beautiful Celtic Brooch my mother gave to me for my birthday.

Lady Grey accessorized with a beautiful Celtic Brooch.

I am totally loving the look!!!

Onward we go to our next sewing adventure…

Happy Sewing…


  1. oh it's just beautiful... have enjoyed your postings very much.

    Kathie, your neighbor from Pattersonville!

  2. Thank you...Pattersonville....small world ;-)


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