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Monday, February 13, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions….

Happy New Year's So here we are…it has been over a year since my last post and now I am resolved to be a better blogger!  First up on my list of things to change is to get ALL and I mean ALL of my blog posts done for my Lady Grey Jacket.  It was a fantastic sew along but I definitely fell short in completing the posting on this particular project.   I don’t know how some of my fellow bloggers make the time to get all their posting done and live a life on top of that.  I must be lacking somewhere for it seems that there is never enough time in one day to get everything I want to do accomplished.

Second…I need to finish my UFO knitting projects.   The Olympic Reindeer Hat and my Mystery Sock KAL.  Boy, I am bad…these projects were from the later part of 2010!  YIKES!!!  Along with this my DD has made a request that I crochet her another quick Beanie to match her new snowmobiling outfit she received from her boyfriend on Christmas.  She isn’t alone in her requests for the bf has made one of his own as well…he would like a new black, knitted toque.  And the projects pile on ;-)

Image courtesy of VPLL

Last but not least is my latest venture back into the world of sewing.  I was reading an interesting article on the Threads Magazine website which lead me to a blog post on Vintage Fashionista that had made a request for test sewers for a special project.  I am now officially a member of Group #28, of The 1912 Project and am looking forward to receiving my patterns and beginning work soon on sewing vintage fashions.

Until then…

Happy Sewing!!!

Mimi O

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