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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Muslin means Work…Ugh

I am definitely the turtle of the Lady Grey Sew-Along and have finally gotten the opportunity to cut and sew my muslin.   And then, to cut and sew it again….and then to tweak it…and then…

Need I say more…muslins are a necessary “evil” when it comes to sewing and they are work!!!  Ughhhh.

Going through the motions I have sewn two muslins and are making further adjustments prior to cutting out my “Lady Grey”, B5401, in my fashion fabric.  Based upon Nancy Zieman’s “Right Size” fitting I have cut a size 16 and have done the following adjustments:





  • FBA
  • Shortened the front/back waist length
  • Adjusted pattern to fit my waist measurement
  • Graded from waist to hip
  • Added 1/2” length so pattern hip marking would hang at my hip location
  • Relocated dart to match my bust point location
  • Forward shoulder adjustment 1/2”
  • Forward sleeve cap adjustment 1/2”
  • Lengthened sleeve 1”
  • Lowered button/buttonhole placement 3/4”;  graded up to collar
  • Lowered the pocket placement by 1 1/2”
  • Round back adjustment 1/2”

Phew….I think that is all there was.  Due to my scoliosis I have fit issues and these adjustments are part of that.  I’m also going to try putting a thicker 3/4” shoulder pad on my right side to see if this will balance out my unevenness when viewed from the back.  It could be the angle of the camera making it look worse then it is too.

Here are the pics of my muslin in various stages.


Muslin #1 - Too big  Muslin #1 - Side View  Muslin #1 - Back

Muslin #1 - Too Much FBA  Muslin #1 - Too Much FBA

Opps…FBA is a “little” too big


Muslin #2 - Front  Musling #2 - Side  Muslin #2 - Back

Muslin #2 - Shoulder Adjustment Needed   Muslin #2 - Collar

Myrna - Muslin Front     Myrna - Shoulder Seam Adjustment   Myrna - Muslin Back

Myrna is styling in my “Lady Grey” ;-D

~Happy Sewing~

Mimi O

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