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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mail Call…..Sewing Goodies

I was just ecstatic today to find the order I placed from Pattern Review sitting in my mailbox. I have excitedly anticipated this packages’ coming in the mail. I thought it would be in yesterday’s mail but was sadly disappointed when I opened the mailbox to find only bills and junk mail. Ugh!!! However, today has more than made up for yesterday’s disappointment.

What have I been so eagerly awaiting???

Patterns of course….to be more specific, patterns by a company named Jalie. I have never purchased any of these patterns before but was so enticed into purchasing them based upon the sewing reviews at Pattern Review. The patterns I purchased were the Jalie 2908 Jeans pattern and Jalie 2805 knit top pattern. What is so wonderful about these patterns is the fact they include 27 sizes, ranging from little girls (ages 2 – 13) on up to Women’s (sizes 4 – 22).

I am very excited to receive these but will have to wait to use them because I am presently taking an online jean making class “Build Better Jeans” by Shannon Gifford of “Sensible Sewing” through the PatternReview.com website. I’ve already committed my jean fabric to another pattern for this class M5142 but have enough “stash” to make a pair from the Jalie pattern when I’m done with the course. I can’t wait!!!

As to the other special sewing goodie that came along with my patterns. It is a book that I’ve wanted to get and finally splurged on for myself. It is “Cool Couture” by Kenneth D. King…looking forward to perusing those pages tonight while watching Project Runway!

Venture on back for a visit to see how those M5142 jeans turn out and I will be posting on the Jalie patterns as well.

Happy sewing…


  1. You're going to love Jalie. They are my favorite company.

  2. Be careful, Jalie patterns can be rather addictive!!!!! I received my first one not long ago and have been on quite a Jalie binge!!

  3. Can't wait to use it from reading reviews it sounds like most sewers are very happy with the Jalie patterns. I've joined the crowd :-D


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