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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The “Flies or Fly’s” have it….

Well…it is that time of year and we are experiencing an “Indian-type Summer” here in the Northeast. Very unusual indeed…and along with this shot of warm weather comes the inevitable swarms of what I like to call “Big-Dumb-Flies”!!! They are every where…there is one that is persistently bothering me while I am typing this on the laptop…oh how I’d love to swat it but for fear of breaking my LCD screen I am refraining….he lives to annoy another day! Ha…ha…ha

Well any who…this post is not about flies…at least flies of that ilk. I am talking about the fly on jeans today! My jean project continues and I am working on the front zipper fly portion.

I have chosen to install my zippered fly according to the standard method. There is a quicker streamlined method the instructor recommended but I kind of like the looks of this method. Since I’m not pumping these babies out in an assembly line it is ok if this takes a few minutes more. I don’t mind…

As I said before, these jeans are basically my mock ups so I am trying different things to see what works best for me. The instructor had recommended a metal zipper but I wanted to go for “fun” and am installing a nylon one. My reasoning…I wanted something to go along with the coloring of my fly guard. I know…you don’t see this from the outside but I know it is there on the inside and I picked a print from my stash that was “fun” so in keeping with the theme my zipper is going to be red and nylon.

The installation went smoothly and here are some pictures of the finished product.  I still need to add the bar tack to keep the fly guard in place.

I’ll be moving on to the front pockets, which I have modified as well.

See you tomorrow & Happy sewing ;-)

(click on picture for a larger view)


  1. We have had a few flies, lady bugs, and lots of stink bugs. For some reason, this area is overrun with stink bugs - they are awful!
    I have the Jalie jean pattern. I bought some denim recently and hope to start on them soon!

  2. I'm in the jeans class with you and almost finished with the fly. Thanks for the detailed pictures of what you are doing. Your jeans are looking great!!

  3. Hi Mimi, I'm also in the jeans class with you. Let me just echo what Rose said. Great to have you in this class.


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