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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mail Call...via Jo-Ann Fabrics

My goodness...it has been almost two months since my last post. I must say that I have not been too inspired as of late and just haven't felt in the mood to blog. Plus I think I kind of fell into one of those ruts that went along with the icky spring weather and it has taken me a while to dig myself out. Having climbed out of that hole I am now ready to get back to being artistically inclined and get my "MOJO" back on....

To aide me in my recovery I took a drive down to the Jo-Ann Fabric's store in Albany. My true goal was to see if perhaps, on the off chance, that this larger fabric outlet would carry Burda Magazine...it saddens me to report that NO, they did not. They of course had the Burda Knitting magazine but they didn't have the one that features sewing.  Kind of strange considering their main stock consists of fabrics, machines, notions and patterns. One would think the magazine featuring sewing would be a mainstay in their store. Go figure!@#$%. They had the usual Threads and Vogue but those really weren't of any interest to me.

My daughter and I wandered the store aimlessly for close to an hour trying to find something that would inspire us to part with our hard earned cash. Being as this was the last day of the "Daffodil Dash" sale and we each had a 50% off coupon finding something, of a hearts desire, was taking a monumental effort on both our parts. Nothing and I mean nothing caught our eyes. We circled with our shopping cart, a minimum of five times around the store and Nada....must be that we each had a set idea of what we wanted to purchase and weren't going to be satisfied by just anything!

Not wanting to circle one more time I finally gave up and had the clerk cut 20 yards of drapery cord to replace the frayed cording on one of my roman shades. We then wandered over to the notions wall where I came away with the WashAway Wonder Tape that I love so much when it comes to installing zippers. This was 50% off without a coupon, a great deal.  Turning around my eyes fell upon an end-cap of books that held a book that I wanted to purchase for a long time, "Making Trouser for Men & Women" by David Page Coffin. Yeah...finally an item worthy of my 50% off coupon.  With book in hand my daughter and I made a beeline to the checkout and paid for our purchases. Her major purchase of the day...a really cute iron-on for a onesie...bargain price with 50% off coupon...$1.80

My purchases...
  • $ 33.00 One tank of gas
  • Trip to Plato's Closet so daughter can shop
  • $ 4.95 Two, Iced Vanilla Coffees (light & sweet)
  • $23.25 Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • $19.80 Lunch at the diner
  • spending time with your 22 year old daughter...PRICELESS <3 <3 <3
Looking forward to getting the chance to sit down and read the book as well as review the DVD that came with it. There is more information on David Coffin's website DPC On Making Trousers that is helpful as well.

Happy Sewing.....


  1. Hi, Mimi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it. Where in NY are you located? We are up in the northern tier, near the border, halfway between Malone and Potsdam NY, not far at all from the VIC. DH and I have spent many great hours on those trails. Great meeting you and thanks for becoming a follower. I will do the same.... Bunny

  2. Just want you to know that I tried to sign in as a follower and Blogger did not let me. It said I was too large.


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